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Alcatel-Lucent’s OpenTouch Drives Collaborative Conversations

Unified communications is a core focus for a number of companies and organizations as they have sought to streamline disparate systems to deliver the best experience for all users. To truly optimize the business-centered community, service providers need to extend unified communications over time and additional channels.

To meet this need, Alcatel-Lucent is offering OpenTouch, a converged, multimedia communications suite that helps turn enterprise communications into collaborative conversations and business services. Users can better engage with customers, partners and peers as a result of the native multimedia and multi-device communications delivered in OpenTouch.

With a keen focus on enterprise communications, OpenTouch delivers the seamless user experience that is based on natural conferencing capabilities and exists across devices and locations over time. The existing platforms within this suite can enable an enterprise to leverage existing platforms in a multi-vendor environment, as well as flexible deployment models as a result of open SIP architecture.

Service providers need to focus on enabling collaborative conversations to demonstrate value for the enterprise. OpenTouch makes this process easy through the OpenTouch Business Edition. This platform targets enterprises with as many as 1500 employees. A single server solution, it is an enhancement of the BiCS solution from Alcatel-Lucent, and has been expanded to include conversation services, unified messaging and a native SIP-based multimedia conferencing engine.

To enable customers to benefit from the services offered in the OpenTouch solution, Alcatel-Lucent offers the OpenTouch Multimedia Services. This software solution is offered to large enterprises so they can get the most value out of their OpenTouch services. The application is designed to complement the OmniPCX Enterprise Communication Server and offers and open SIP core based on the Genesys SIP technology. The successful deployment of this technology in a number of large contact centers demonstrates the value it extends to the enterprises and its users.

Alcatel-Lucent and third-party clients and phones, including IP, TDM and SIP, can all extend on their capabilities through the OmniPCX Enterprise Communication Server. This highly scalable solution is designed on a pure software communications server platform and delivers multimedia call processing for all users.

With SIP capabilities from Alcatel-Lucent, federation services are readily available that enables the enterprise to leverage existing platforms in their multi-vendor environment. Flexible deployment models are also made available through a significantly enhanced open SIP architecture.

The proliferation of unified communications in the enterprise is driving the demand for solutions that will streamline the environment and optimize performance. Alcatel-Lucent is paving the way with its OpenTouch suite.

Originally posted at: http://next-generation-communications.tmcnet.com/topics/dynamic-enterprise/articles/174521-alcatel-lucents-opentouch-drives-collaborative-conversations.htm

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