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What is Voice Management?

The task of managing a voice network has become more complex even though the introduction of VoIP technology has paved the way for improved voice quality, cost-efficiency and simplified processes. Now more than ever it is imperative that businesses pay attention to voice management to guarantee that their voice technologies deliver reliability, high quality, and outstanding service levels. These voice management services can play a big part in supporting business goals.

Voice management refers to total solutions for end-to-end monitoring and management of both converged communications and voice infrastructure technologies for enterprises, managed service providers and carriers. It allows telecom and network staff to successfully oversee the diverse and/or geographically isolated time-division multiplexing (TDM),PBXs, VoIP and IP telephony networks, CO switches, voicemail and adjunct voice devices through one consolidated, platform-agnostic management solution

Yet the list of what network managers must oversee has grown as voice management now includes not only voice quality and consistent dial tones but also prevention against security threats, improved return on investments and reduced cost of voice management.

Some companies offer solutions that actively monitor and manage VoIP QoS, as well as Converged Network faults, performance, and capacity across VoIP, TDM and IPT platforms. These types of solutions can help enterprises and service providers gain the unified visibility and control necessary to consistently provide quality converged voice services to their users and clients.

Other companies offer solutions like a voice firewall, which detects and blocks attacks on both TDM and VoIP technology; usage managers, a call accounting application that simplifies voice management by unifying call detail record collection, and a call recorder, a tool that enables policy-based recording of targeted calls of interest for security or training purposes.

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