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Telcos love LinkedIn

Telecoms operators see M2M as having biggest impact on their business over next two years, according to WeDo customer poll.

LinkedIn has found itself at the centre of attention this week following a surprising stock market debut that saw its shares more than double in price on their first day of trading. And an informal poll of telecoms network operators conducted on Thursday showed that the industry is backing the social networking site all the way.

When asked to consider the statement “social networks have a positive impact in my professional life,” executives from telecoms operators at a customer event organised by revenue assurance specialist WeDo overwhelmingly agreed: 83% selected either “strongly agree” or simply “agree”.

As a follow-up question, WeDo business adviser Peter Kallberg asked the telecoms operators which social network they recommend for professional use. There were 170 people in the room, the majority of whom hailed from the company’s telco customer base; only the operators were allowed to vote.

Unsurprisingly perhaps, 73% voted for LinkedIn, leaving the more consumer-focused social networks well behind. Facebook fared best of the rest, capturing 9% of the vote, followed by Twitter with 3%.

On a separate note, a poll conducted in the same way later at the event showed that telecoms operators have little faith in mobile advertising.

They were asked to select which of a list of key topics would have a positive impact on their business over the next two years. While four of the five options received solid support, just 5% of the room voted for mobile advertising.

M2M topped the list with 32% of the vote, followed by cloud services with 25%. Mobile money and content-on-demand came in third and fourth with 22% and 17% respectively.

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