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Hosted Contact Centers as the Future of Customer Service

Hosted contact centers offer a wealth of benefits to communications outposts that can help them remain nimble and effective even as they grow. The reduction of operational cost, removal of startup cost, and ability to expand software access as the need arises mean that with a hosted contact center managers can remain vigilant on the tasks that require their attention– namely offering top notch customer service.

In addition to these advantages, cloud based technology can also allow call centers to seamlessly integrate diffused workforces. This helps them to increase the number of expert representatives on the phone and in some cases totally eliminate the need to run a facility of any kind.

In a September 2009, a report by the Aberdeen group made reference to this as possibly the strongest advantage of hosted solutions.“We discovered that a new disruptive technology has changed the nature of traditional contact center outsourcing: cloud services,” the report said. The company predicted the impact of hosted solution on the contact center manager would be an effective blurring of the lines between in-sourcing and out-sourcing.

In a follow up report this year, the Aberdeen group confirmed this suspicion they posed in 2009’s report saying, “The top business drivers contact center managers are contending with is the need to reduce costs and enhance competitiveness. Their customers increasingly want to interact with contact centers at the time and in the manner of their choosing.” The only way to do both of these things in a simultaneous fashion is to move to a hosted solution.

Aberdeen’s report is available for free download: Here

Originally posted at: http://www.tmcnet.com/channels/hosted-contact-center/articles/181147-hosted-contact-centers-as-future-customer-service.htm

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