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Avaya Solution Relies on Session Border Controllers to Drive Unified Communications

Communications continues to play an important role in business success. And, with the extended solutions available for communication, organizations can get bogged down with duplicated processes, unnecessary resources and wasted time. As a result,

Unified Communications platforms offer a way to streamline communication channels, reduce costs and keep everyone focused on the task at hand. To drive Unified Communications, however, these companies need session border controllers.

Unified Communications (UC) platforms rely on proven session border controllers to enable the network to extend capabilities to geographically dispersed workforces, customers, partners and internal employees. One player in this space is Avaya. The company’s Aura UC solution is quickly gaining adoption throughout the world as network systems continue to converge on IP infrastructures and SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) continues to be the protocol of choice for UC.

Enterprises can make use of Unified Communications to enjoy highly efficient extended communications, leaner supply chains, improved customers relationships and more, all while eliminating the redundancies within the network, improving processes in place for business continuity and disaster recovery; and literally shrinking the carbon footprint. All of this is possible with because of session border controllers.

The reference architecture offered in the Avaya Aura contains a supplementary solution element known as Secure Access Proxy, which provides a comprehensive security and compliance framework. Enterprises can simplify the deployment of their UC platforms with their framework, as it offers a single command and control interface for users that operate both internally and externally. Traditional network boundaries can be overcome as enterprises extend their UC application infrastructures with solid session border controllers.

The Secure Access Proxy enables enterprises to simplify the authentication of users through integration within disparate identity management systems. Access control is enabled through policies based on time, user, network and device. US Compliance and UC Security are also enabled through policy enforcement. Signaling and media encryption for internal and external users enables privacy.

Session border controllers are essential within the SIP network, especially those catering to UC as the topology within the Avaya solution. In addition, compliance reports along with encrypted media forking and IM logging are available. Threat mitigation is also possible as the solution enables a complete VoIP threat taxonomy protection from threats.

Extending UC capabilities beyond the traditional boundaries of the enterprise with the protective help of session border controllers ensures the company has the necessary tools to address challenges in relation to compliance, security, deployment, regulations and other needs.

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