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Telecommunications Needs SIP Trunking for Optimal VoIP Management

In VoIP telecommunications, the SIP trunking component is in high demand. This specific element gives users a low-cost option with centralized lines into a business with faster disaster recovery or failover. It also has the capabilities to carry unified communications across boundaries. This ground-breaking business solution will not be successful without a thought out VoIP management program.

SIP trunking, however, is not easy. Many service providers and enterprise customers are discovering the difficulties associated with its installation and process, according to this Channel Partners Online report. The best assurance to have a positive end result is due diligence with productive VoIP management.

There are case studies from ITSPs and manufacturers that are readily available to help improve the implementation process. It is also important to communicate with these providers throughout the installation process and learn from their experiences. Troubleshoot problems that have occurred and learn from those past problems. In VoIP management, it is best to understand interoperability testing and industry standards.

Doing your homework will greatly benefit your VoIP management system and the implementation process. In the beginning, problems were created when SIP trunking was installed too quickly with quality, service and ongoing management seriously lacking.

Too many companies are not taking the time to plan, test or monitor their installations. A chief executive officer with a telecom installation company said that SIP trunkings are nowhere near ready to make the leap in challenging digital and analog installations. He said a large service provider company told him he has never been so busy replacing new SIP trunks with ISDN lines.

Customers expect technological advances to be superior to their existing systems. Without a solid plan, installation of SIP trunks cannot go as smoothly as existing digital and analog installations. This is just another example of why it is so crucial to have a VoIP management solution. In lies the problem of who is to blame, the installation company or the ITSP.

ITSPs should work with a business to get the best SIP trunk solution possible. Determine what the needs are and what level of service is best. Ask for a trial run to better ensure this is the best VoIP management solution for you.

Make the ITSP work for you. Test every aspect of the support staff whether it be call transferring, conferencing or technical support. Installation can be without error and requires the exact configuration of the PBX and session border controller/edge device.

With such a complex system, VoIP management has to be taken seriously. Checks of all operations and functions should be tested and monitored often.

Originally posted at: http://www.tmcnet.com/channels/voip-management/articles/201855-telecommunications-needs-sip-trunking-optimal-voip-management.htm

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