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Top Criteria for Choosing a Managed Network Services Provider

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Before deciding on a managed network services partner, companies must first understand their goals for what truly is an ideal provider.

One expert in managed network services, Spacenet has provided in a white paper some of the criteria that enterprise-level executives should be mindful of when making this critical choice.

First, Spacenet recommends organizations search for a provider that is scalable enough to support small to large, multi-location and multi-vendor networks. One option is to search for a provider that possesses peer-to-peer architecture so that when an organization’s managed network grows, it can simply add more peer appliances.

Next, the managed network services provider of choice should offer an end-to-end solution with automated processes and procedures. This includes a single point of contact, problem ownership and resolution, the option for an operating system and configuration downloading, as well as second- and third-level support. And, when it comes to support coverage, it should certainly be 24/7.

In order to effectively meet business goals, organizations should also require their managed network services provider to have service level agreements on availability, as well as mean-time to repair and additional parameters.

Meanwhile, Spacenet says the ultimate managed network services provider will also offer standard and customizable performance and problem management analysis; centralized architecture and delivery; and rapid, efficient and simple customer implementation.

Lastly, as any provider of services should offer to customers, the ideal managed network services provider should ensure business continuity in the case of an outage, support for deployment of custom applications and specialized solutions, and what is certainly a no-brainer, lots of experience in supporting large networks.

Originally posted at: http://it.tmcnet.com/channels/managed-networks/articles/228417-top-criteria-choosing-managed-network-services-provider.htm

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