Network Statistics

Statistics about my professional network, including how many people I can reach through my connections.
<as of April, 2012>

My Network of Trusted Professionals

My connections can introduce me to 20,117,354+ professionals
My Connections
My trusted friends and colleagues
Two degrees away
Friends of friends; each connected to one of my connections
Three degrees away
Can Reach these through a friend and one of their friends
Total individuals I can contact through an Introduction 18,613,500+

77,919 new people have added to my network this month.

Total networkers that I can contact directly : 120,000,000+

More About My Network

Regional Access (Top locations) in my network:

4% Greater New York City Area
4% United Arab Emirates
4% San Francisco Bay Area
3% Greater Chicago Area
3% London, United Kingdom

My connections are in 288 locations and my network gives me access to 2,610 additional locations.

Industry Access (Top industries) in my network:

6% Information Technology and Services

12% Telecommunications

6% Computer Software

4% Financial Services

4% Marketing and Advertising

My connections are in 111 industries but my network gives me access to 148 additional industries.


Fastest growing industries in my network:

  1. Telecommunications
  2. Information Technology and Services
  3. Computer Software

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