• “Taseer Rangrez is a top producer in our worldwide sales organization, making it possible in North America to present credible, integrated solutions to multinationals. A rare employee, who actually deliver on metrics & who intuitively know what competitive advantage is all about.” – Phil Brittain, VP Business Development at Confidential
  • “Taseer is gifted with lucid communication & exceptional negotiation skills and has an established network of resource at his disposal. He has a wide exposure to various domains and in-depth knowledge and keeps himself always updated. I have had the pleasure of working in close proximity with him and it was an immensely enjoyable experience. He definitely has the right attitude and skill set which was required for working in a start-up. I will definitely recommend him for current roles and above.” – Zaheer Khan, Head of Technical Operations at Confidential


  • “Dr. Taseer brings a unique combination of astute market, business, commercial mind with hands on, pragmatic and results oriented approach to deliver the desired outcomes. He is approachable, friendly and will bring joy to any team.” – Noah Chancellor, Sr. Advisor – Strategic Marketing at Confidential


  • “He possesses a team-player mindset, enthusiastic embrace of change, ability to work with minimal supervision and unwavering commitment to exceeding customer expectations. I regularly received unsolicited praise from clients commending his outstanding level of service, professionalism and follow-through.” – V. Manchanda, Director of Operations at Confidential


  • “He displayed a great aptitude for learning a sophisticated product and service and quickly got up to speed on the issues seen in the industry we were in. I found his ability to take on a leadership role and proactively work on projects very refreshing and extremely beneficial to the success of my job and projects.” – Inga Pogrebinsky, Director of Marketing at Confidential


  • “I personally feel that Dr.Taseer is an asset to 3SC Technologies and an instrumental in positioning company’s growth. Assuming leadership role for sales and marketing, he captivated and demonstrated incredible initiatives for expanding the company and its goals. He inspires and motivates other employees, which makes them feel their environment as a better place to work in. These qualities with strong dedication will definitely prove his capability and tenacity where ever he is. My best of luck with him always in his endeavors” – Rinesh N., Regional Director at Confidential


  • “Taseer is methodical, meticulous, and tenaciously focused. He is confident enough in his capabilities to set challenging goals for himself, and disciplined enough in his work ethic to achieve them consistently. His energy is contagious. His demeanor, charming and very approachable. His intensity, inspirational. Being on the same team as Taseer was an immensely enjoyable experience.”– Nader Khan, Business Development Director at Confidential


  • “Taseer is a high task oriented manager who never misses out on even the smallest detail on the work front. He is a ready reckoner for any team member for any and every detail of work concerned. He posesses an excellent business acumen. He is well connected and leverages a great internal drive to ensure excellent results. His organizational skills are enhanced by his excellent communication skills. He will be a postive asset to any organization.”– Poonam Negi, Business Development Consultant at Confidential


  • “Taseer is a highly skilled and professional sales manager who always has the customer’s interest in mind, but understands the delicate balance of serving the customer and the organization. He was instrumental in the establishment of our off-shore lead generation team, and played a key role in developing and implementing cold call scripts, KPIs, processes and procedures. His work continues to directly contribute to our revenue increases as our company grows and evolves.”– Prentice Wells, Director, Solutions Management at Confidential

For Further information, please visit:  http://www.linkedin.com/in/rangrez

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